almost 170 years ago...

1845 Abraham von Grünigen opens his veterinary practice on Gstaad’s Cheseryplatz. The associated chemist's shop supplies the people of Gstaad with effective balsams and herbal preparations for people and pets. After his death, his nephew, Johann von Grünigen, and in particular the wife of Johann, «z Lisetti», continue the shop’s trading business in Gstaad.

The third and fourth generation after the turn of the century see Anna Katharina von Grünigen and then her daughter Anneli run the now franchised health products store.

1927 the current store is built on Gstaadplatz. It's here that the legendary «Benzin-Anneli» transforms this country health products store by adding a petrol station – the first in Gstaad, no less! – This is followed by more than five decades of development into a modern health products store and perfumery with customers from around the world.

1980 his nephew Johann Peter von Grünigen and his wife Agata take over the oldest still existing Gstaad store, marking the start of the fifth generation, and expand it in the course of several stages into the current specialist store for health, beauty and wellbeing.